Adobe Flash is cross browser compatible?

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Adobe Flash is dead. Long live Adobe Flash

It’s been 10 years since Apple released its first mobile platform and began the slow death sentence of Adobe Flash. A decade later, Adobe Flash is having a comeback thanks to device friendly HTML5. Yes, the early 2000’s interactive website wow-factor is back. HTML5 is lighter, search engine friendly, responsive and works on all devices.

Why drop top Dollar for a mobile app with a campaign lifespan of three to six months when it could just as easily be developed as a web app offering unlimited potential? That’s not to say apps with rich features and functionality shouldn’t take centre stage for mobile, but for something less ‘gimmicky’ users can still appreciate a rich interactive experience via a web browser. Think gamified!

Parallax scrolls, page sliders, and animated gifs are what we now resort in order to grab the attention of our audiences. Forgive me while I slap my forehead.

There are some companies that do get it right, though. Remember Coca-Cola’s ad where a coin is inserted into a vending machine and fluffy and mysterious creatures take a theatrical fairytale journey to deliver a Coke? Well, they made a website of it. And Nike’s interactive timeline from 1985 to 2009 is great. This is all possible today.

I am an active app freak when it comes to the latest and greatest – Pokemon Go, Uber, Heads Up, the list goes on… but today part of this is achievable via your PC browser, folding into place on your tablet, and shrinking into place on your mobile device. An all-in-one, inexpensive route. It’s a no brainer.

Take for example. This is one of the world’s largest online sports merchandise companies. They ditched their mobile app and told all their customers that their new website is even better. Last month alone they had an estimated 4.6 million visits. Let’s face it, a mobi-website has a broader reach, can act as an app and is easily shared by publishers.

It’s not about ‘Web vs Apps’ and who reigns supreme. It’s about what browsers are capable of with Adobe’s Flash HTML5 capabilities.

Looking back has never looked so good.
Welcome back ‘Flash’. – Adobe Animate –