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Our story

The CubeZoo story began in 2009, when entrepreneur Nick Carapanagos started up a small business in brand and design. In 2011, it was established as a creative agency with a strong focus on software development.

Fast forward 2 years to 2013, goals became a reality when CubeZoo embarked on its first big ‘tech’ project. This was its first step into becoming a premium brand and software development agency.

Since then we’ve never looked back. Our ethos remains the same, and we continue to provide tech solutions that matter.


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Who's who
in the zoo

Housed in our Zoo are a team of approachable and enthusiastic digital warriors. “Big hearts, big brains and a nerdish flare”, our clients would say.

Our skills are creditable, our personalities homegrown, and combined it’s the foundation CubeZoo is built on.

Technology remains a true passion as we continue our march in making the earth a better place with it.

Who's who
in the zoo

Housed in this Zoo is a team of approachable and enthusiastic digital warriors from creatives, coders to strategic thinkers who are always ready to bring your business to new heights. We all share a multitude of passions but one that is true to our heart is the passion for premium workmanship.

Our experience allows us to deliver digital platforms that simplify human lives without a compromise on quality.

Over the years we have educated, engaged and created a fun welcoming environment to all members of our zoo - visitors and partners included.

Work at
our zoo

Do you have what it takes to join the animals of our Zoo? Are you a recent graduate, do you acquire super coding powers or guru design talents? Or maybe you’re a beast taming ringmaster of project management? If so, drop a line...

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