The offshore destination of choice - SA

South Africa is emerging as an outsourcing destination and favourable for its growing English speaking population and their adaptation to westernised culture. It is vastly becoming the business process outsourcing (BPO) of choice. 

Worldwide companies are responding to the southern tip of Africa as an increasing cost and time efficiency saver. It is becoming an attractive hub to outsource web and app development.  

A high availability of quality talent has been a key driver of their success. As a result global businesses are leveraging South Africa for delivery of complex work. 

South Africa overlaps multiple time zones (GMT+2). Calls with America usually happen in the late afternoons, while Australia garners the early morning slot, and Europe gets everything in between. 

CubeZoo works with international clients on a project or ongoing basis. Our clients range from funded start-ups, SMEs and enterprises. 

We follow the agile philosophy and scrum technique as opposed to the traditional method. This means our clients can see, touch and test our developments in production cycles rather than having to wait for the final product.

User Research 
We adopt popular research methods such as surveys or interviews to obtain real people’s understanding of proposed technology. We work with our customers to understand their brand and how it will serve their users. 

At this stage, we gather all the information from the user research stage for analysis and selection of the most important elements. This is where we create a persona to help the design team know who our users are.

Design & Prototyping 
We use a low fidelity design (also known as wireframes) and create user journeys of the platform we are creating. We place ourselves in the shoes of the customer and create a user experience that is simple and intuitive. 

Our design team translates the wireframes into beautiful designs. User experience (UX) meets User interface (UI).

Code planning begins before coding. Software heads plan what code language and frameworks are best suited for the project in hand. This ensures we have a workable platform that is fast, responsive and easily scalable.

Quality assessment
We carry quality assurance as a way to prevent mistakes and defects in developed products. By doing so we avoid future problems when delivering to customers. 

Choose a development house that can help grow your business ideas. Get in touch with us today. Choose South Africa.