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An optimised warehousing solution

Warehousing may seem to be a simple case of holding and releasing stock, but it requires a lot of work behind the scenes to make it function smoothly. The major networks such as Vodacom, MTN, CellC and Telkom, for example, have hundreds of thousands of stock items, ranging from SIM cards to devices.

As a result, they need to ensure well organised warehouses to deal with massive stock loads. This includes making it simple for warehouse staff to manage the logistics of getting each stock item to where it needs to be.

Mobile App


Putting the personal in PDA

CubeZoo was commissioned to create an app that made scanning and receipting stock via a PDA easier for warehouse staff. Using Flash, the development team created an interactive application that saved time while simplifying the entire process.

The original warehouse journey was a complex process of identifying, scanning and capturing stock. One delivery required scanning the stock as well as scanning generated barcodes as just two of many more steps, and the entire process could become extremely complicated if not done correctly.

CubeZoo set out to not only simplify this, but to reduce the opportunity for human error to creep in. With a focus on user experience, we ensured that the PDA app was intuitive and easy to use.

Mobile App

Our solution

Simplicity beats complexity

Starting with the premise that anything explained well makes it easier, CubeZoo included explanatory elements to help staff complete the stock receipting journey. Using short animations between tasks to better explain a process, as well as validation points to ensure that the user could not journey further unless the previous task was completed correctly, the app ensured that everyone had to follow the process correctly. The UI of the app was also designed to simplify the user’s journey flow by adding progress bars and view list buttons to monitor items that had been scanned to eliminate errors.

In creating an app focused on staff experience, CubeZoo not only ensured that the warehouse gained improved tracking capabilities and error reduction, but that the entire process was simplified. This led to many cost-saving and efficiency benefits.

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